UL C1D2 LED Linear Fixture

Dialight UL C1D2 LED Linear Fixture
Suitable for use in Class 1 Div 2 location
~ Power Coated copper free aluminium ~ ~ Volt 100 to 277Vac
~ Polycarbonate Lens ~ Surge Protection up to 6Kv.
* 5yr Full performance warranty
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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#LTD3C4D2P GTI#LTD3C4D2P 2ft 2ft, 3,500lm, 33W, Cool White, Clear
GTI#LTD3C4B2D GTI#LTD3C4B2D 2ft 2ft, 2,700lm, 33W, Cool White, Diffused
GTI#LTD3C4M2P GTI#LTD3C4M2P 4ft 4ft, 7,000lm, 66W, Cool White, Clear
GTI#LTD3C4D2P GTI#LTD3C4D2P 4ft 4ft, 5,400lm, 66W, Cool White, Diffused
GTI#LTXW4 Surface mount bracket
GTI#LTXSAFEKIT Safety Cable Kit for secondary retention
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