UL TMC2X - Brass Nickel Plated Gland for Amour cable MC-HL or MC


CMP TMCX for Amour Cable MC-HL or MC

Suitable for use in Class 1 Div 1/2 location

Construction: Corrugated & Interlocked Metal Clad Armor (MC) or TECK90, Continuously Welded Metal Clad Armor (MCHL), ACIC-HL, ACWU90-HL, RC90-HL, R A90-HL. 360° Stainless Steel Grounding Spring (non-magnetic) (ber ylium copper optional). CMP Load Retention Seal. RapidEx Liquid Resin, Cable Outer Jacket. 

Material : Brass Nickel Plated

NEMA 4X, Class 1 Div1&2, Groups ABCD.

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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#TMC2X050NP20S 50S TMC2X 1/2”NPT BNP Gland
GTI#TMC2X075NP20 75 TMC2X 3/4”NPT BNP Gland
GTI#TMC2X100NP25 100 TMC2X 1”NPT BNP Gland
GTI#TMC2X125NP32 125 TMC2X 1-1/4”NPT BNP Gland
GTI#TMC2X200NP50S 200S TMC2X 2”NPT BNP Gland
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