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Part Number 78522000011
Item Name 39240 ; Waterproof Stem Thermometer 39240. Pocket Thermometer With Stainless Steel Stem
Unit Price S$39.40
Part Number 99149100046
Item Name Main Cables bare end /EU/black 2m, #833.89.009, Hafele, For T1 & T2 Bed Light (D2A_FFE008 & D2A_FFE009)
Unit Price S$3.70
Part Number 88000002229
Item Name V000706 ; On/Off Switch 2 Way With Indicator Light 15A 250V/ 20A 125V Model: V000706
Unit Price S$7.00
Part Number 88000002952
Item Name TRAVELADAPTER ; Travel Adapter 13 Amp
Unit Price S$1.90
Part Number 88000003035
Item Name 1GANGBLANKPLATE ; Blank Off Plate 1 Gang Blank Plate
Unit Price S$0.50
Part Number 88000003203
Item Name BOX1GANG ; Surface Box 1 Gang
Unit Price S$0.80
Part Number 88000003204
Item Name BOX2GANG ; Surface Box 2 Gang
Unit Price S$0.90
Part Number 88000004436
Item Name 45kW 4Poles Voltage 440 60Hz Framesize 225M B3 Foot mounted, Class H (180/250deg/2hrs)
Unit Price S$2965.50
Part Number 88096700002
Item Name PANEL85X85 ; Bals Cee Form Panel Female Socket 16A 3P Ip44 (consists of PN 21001-TLS & 31001-TLS)
Unit Price S$18.40
Part Number 99105800001
Item Name BR928L ; 3 Way Adaptor W/Neon Light Indicator
Unit Price S$8.80
Part Number 99108100001
Item Name CP501 ; Martindale Cp 501 Check Plug
Unit Price S$62.20
Part Number 99136400001
Item Name CONNECTOR3W16A ; Black Connector 250V 16A 3 Way
Unit Price S$3.80
Part Number 99168700003
Item Name HT213 ; 16A 3Pin Mobile Socket; Ip44
Unit Price S$2.40
Item Name BOSS 1Gang (Momentary) Switch with Engraving 'LOCK' (Arial Font)
Unit Price S$13.50
Part Number 1SDA066719R1
Item Name A1C 125 TMF 100-1000 3p F F
Unit Price S$58.80
Part Number 78112900167
Item Name MENNEKES148180 ; Plug Mennekes Male Plug 16A/3P/230V/6H Ip44 + Female Conn 16A/3P/230V/6H Ip44
Unit Price S$22.40
Part Number 78118000395
Item Name 42SRU-6202; PHOTOSWITCH Series 6000 General Purpose Compact
Unit Price S$381.40
Part Number 80864700152
Item Name B64000 ; Contactor Abb B6-40-00
Unit Price S$28.80
Part Number 80864700162
Item Name ABB15A ; Plug Abb 15A Plug Top /Psb Approved
Unit Price S$3.20
Part Number 80864700535
Item Name AM239147MG ; 2 Gang Bs Double Pole Switched Socket Outlet 13AMoq: 10 EaColor: Metalic Gold
Unit Price S$55.00
Part Number 80864700536
Item Name AM239147ST ; 2 Gang Bs Double Pole Switched Socket Outlet 13AMoq: 10 EaColor: Stainless Steel
Unit Price S$49.40
Part Number 80864700537
Item Name AM233386ST ; 1 Gang Bs Single Pole Switched Socket Outlet 13A Color: Stainless Steel
Unit Price S$33.20
Part Number 88000001640
Item Name GP13APLUG ; Plug, Gp 13A 3Pin Plug (Standard Pack 20Pcs/Box)
Unit Price S$1.00
Part Number 88000002208
Item Name SSBOXSG ; Socket Misc Socket & Switch Box Single/Gang - Blank plate only
Unit Price S$0.70
Part Number 88000002271
Item Name EM16 ; Connector Misc Em16 Black Connector Em16
Unit Price S$1.20
Part Number 88000002633
Item Name WPCOVER1G ; Switch Cover Misc Wpcover1G Schneider Weatherproof Cover 1Gang Type
Unit Price S$6.80
Part Number 88000002634
Item Name WPCOVER2G ; Switch Cover Misc Wpcover2G Schneider Weatherproof Cover 2Gang Type
Unit Price S$13.90
Part Number 88000002803
Item Name 8WAYCONNECTOR ; Connector; 8 Way; Black; Polyamide
Unit Price S$3.20
Part Number 88000003458
Item Name VENTILATIONFAN ; Ventilation Fan; 12" 230V / 12" X 5M Ducting Hose. Colour : Orange
Unit Price S$234.40
Part Number 88000003706
Item Name 86402WHITE ; Outdoor or Indoor MK Sheild Double Switch Waterproof 2 Way
Unit Price S$31.30
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