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Item Name Custom Made Metal Corner Guard painted with Yellow / Black, Dim : 75 x 75 x 1200mm x 4mm
Unit Price S$106.25
Item Name TYPE E CORNER PROTECTION . Colour : Black. Length 5 M / roll. Temp: Resist. btw -40 to +100 DegC.
Unit Price S$1085.94
Part Number 88000003055
Item Name Floor Grating, 6" X 6" X 3Mm SS.
Unit Price S$55.63
Part Number 88000003216
Item Name BALLVALVE12 ; Valve 1/2" Cr Mini Ball Valve
Unit Price S$5.63
Part Number 88000003218
Item Name ADGS1238 ; Adapter 1/2" X 3/8 Brass Adapter
Unit Price S$5.94
Part Number 88000002814
Item Name ALUMRV316X38 ; Rivets; Aluminium Pop Rivet 3/16" X 3/8" 500'S/Box
Unit Price S$22.50
Part Number 88000003332
Item Name COMPRESSOROIL ; Compressor Oil / 1 Ltr
Unit Price S$25.00
Part Number 88000003526
Item Name CHAIN5MMX2M ; Chain; 5Mm X 2M Galvanized Chain C/W Black Cloth
Unit Price S$37.50
Part Number 88000003527
Item Name CHAIN10MMX2M ; Chain; 10Mm X 2M Galvanized Chain C/W Black Cloth
Unit Price S$56.25
Part Number 88000003537
Item Name Custom Made Stainless Steel 316 (3mm) Semi U-Shape Plate With 3 Holes Dia.
Unit Price S$9.69
Part Number 88000003582
Item Name SSCHAIN3MMX10FT ; Stainless Steel Chain3Mm X 10 Ft
Unit Price S$25.00
Part Number 88000003657
Item Name TARPAULIN4X6 ; Tarpaulin Size 4M X 6M
Unit Price S$112.50
Part Number 88000003898
Item Name Machining Cap O9 X Lg14 With Knurling And Set Screw. Complete With Electroless Nikel
Unit Price S$13.75
Part Number 88000004860
Item Name Galvanized Chain 2 meter 6mm
Unit Price S$12.00
Part Number 88000004886
Item Name Cavity Angle 416 (100's/Pack)
Unit Price S$46.88
Part Number 88000005013
Item Name 304 SS Chain 2M x 6mm (MOQ : 28pcs)
Unit Price S$38.75
Part Number 88000005014
Item Name 316 SS Chain 2M x 6mm Thickness (MOQ : 24pcs)
Unit Price S$50.00
Part Number 88000002830
Item Name 1256 ; Rubber Bumper; Model 1256 (Per Pack Of 6Pcs)
Unit Price S$5.63
Part Number 88000003697
Item Name PULLRING ; Pull Ring; Used At Skypark Flooring
Unit Price S$9.38
Part Number 88000004472
Item Name K460 ; Mini Latch
Unit Price S$3.44
Part Number 80517400002
Item Name CAMLOCK30MM ; Cam Lock 30Mm
Unit Price S$4.38
Part Number 88000004297
Item Name S1338 ; Stopper
Unit Price S$15.32
Part Number 88000005073
Item Name 089 Veribor 3 Cup Suction Lifter (140Kg), MISC
Unit Price S$168.75
Part Number 88000003878
Item Name DWE6423 ; Dewalt sander DWE 6423, 280W, 8000-1200min
Unit Price S$248.44
Part Number 88000005031
Item Name PU TUBE COILED 9M, MISC (Lead time : 12 to 14 working days)
Unit Price S$20.63
Part Number 88000004821
Item Name Pig Universal Heavy Weight Matt Pad (100 pcs/Box)
Unit Price S$326.57
Part Number 88000002813
Item Name M5X100MMWINGBOLT ; Wing Bolt M5; Stainless Steel; Length 100 Mm
Unit Price S$3.75
Part Number 99116100011
Item Name LE273 ; M10 "Aaa" Aluminium 3W Led Flash Light. Model: Le-273
Unit Price S$32.55
Part Number 80641100002
Item Name Viking - Royal Flush/Concealed Sprinkler, White Cover
Unit Price S$33.13
Part Number 88000002111
Item Name FIBREBOARD4X8X15MM ; Fibreboard Misc Medium-Density Fibreboard 4'X8'X15Mm MOQ: 20 PCS
Unit Price S$44.93
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