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Part Number 88081900027
Item Name RS-50-12; Meanwell, Power Supply, O/P : 12V, 0.4.2A
Unit Price S$32.00
Part Number 88081900032
Item Name MODELRS1524 ; Power Supply Module 110/220V Without Bracket Output 100~120Vac 200~240Vac
Unit Price S$47.50
Part Number 4052899545885
Item Name OT 130/220-240/24 DIM P 10X1
Unit Price S$94.82
Part Number 78667700282
Item Name ETE10 ; Driver Philips, Ete-10 Driver PN: 913710032179
Unit Price S$5.63
Part Number 88000003659
Item Name EUP12A1W12V1 ; 1‐10V Dimmable Driver; Eup12A-1W12V-1
Unit Price S$23.63
Part Number 88000003743
Item Name EAGLERISE69W ; Eaglerise 6-9W 500Ma Driver
Unit Price S$28.13
Part Number 88028900014
Item Name Vossloh Schwabe ELXc 235.221 2x14W 2x21W 2x28W 2x35W T5
Unit Price S$33.75
Part Number 88081900011
Item Name LPV6012 ; Driver Meanwell, 60060833 - Lpv-60-12 Led Driver Ip67
Unit Price S$55.63
Part Number 88081900013
Item Name NES10012 ; Driver; Meanwell; Model Number: Nes-100-12 Voltage: 12V / 8.5Amp With L Bracket
Unit Price S$33.38
Part Number 88081900023
Item Name Driver Meanwell PN#Rs3524.
Unit Price S$25.00
Part Number 88081900033
Item Name SE20012 ; Driver; Meanwell;Model Number: Se-200-12 Voltage: 12V / 17Amp With L Bracket
Unit Price S$65.38
Part Number 88081900034
Item Name LRS3512 ; Power Supply Meanwell Lrs-35-12. O/P: 12V;0-3A (Pcs Without Bracket)
Unit Price S$18.50
Part Number 88081900040
Item Name Lrs-50-24 MeanWell Power Supply, 85-264Vac; O/P: 24V; 0 ~ 2.2A Dim: 99Lx82Wx30Hmm
Unit Price S$21.00
Part Number 88081900041
Item Name Lrs-100-24Mean Well Power Supply, 85-264Vac; O/P: 24V; 0 ~ 4.5A Dim: 129Lx97Wx30Hmm
Unit Price S$27.75
Part Number 88081900042
Item Name Lrs-150-24 Meanwell Power Supply, 115-230 Vac, O/P: 24V; 0 ~ 6.5A Dim: 159Lx97Wx30Hmm
Unit Price S$42.13
Part Number 88081900043
Item Name Pwm-90-24 Led Power Supply, 90-305Vac; O/P: 24V; 3.75A Dim: 171Lx63Wx37.5Hmm
Unit Price S$95.00
Part Number 88081900044
Item Name PSP60012 ; Psp-600-12 Mean Well Power SupplyI/P: 88-264Vac O/P: 12V ; 0-50A
Unit Price S$319.50
Part Number 88081900045
Item Name NES35012 ; Nes-350-12 Mean Well Power Supply O/P: 12V, 0-29A
Unit Price S$90.38
Part Number 88081900054
Item Name LPV-100-24 ; MEAN WELL POWER SUPPLY*LED RIVER [IP67] O/P: 24V, 0-4.2A
Unit Price S$55.38
Part Number 88081900055
Item Name LPV-150-24 ; MEAN WELL POWER SUPPLY*LED DRIVER [IP67] O/P: 24VDC, 0-6.3A
Unit Price S$76.50
Part Number 88081900060
Item Name RS-25-12; Meanwell, Power Supply , 12VDC , 0-2.1A
Unit Price S$22.38
Part Number 88090000013
Item Name PSU12030 ; Driver Nitz 12Vdc 30W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$66.25
Part Number 88090000014
Item Name PSU24030 ; Driver Nitz 24Vdc 30W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$66.25
Part Number 88090000015
Item Name PSU12060 ; Driver Nitz 12Vdc 60W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$88.19
Part Number 88090000016
Item Name PSU24060 ; Driver Nitz 24Vdc 60W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$88.19
Part Number 88090000019
Item Name PSU12150 ; Driver Nitz 12Vdc 150W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$147.00
Part Number 88090000021
Item Name PSU12200 ; Driver Nitz 12Vdc 200W Weatherproof Led Driver
Unit Price S$220.57
Part Number 88090000063
Item Name PSU-12W-LD-CU3536-05LED Remote Driver 12W, Model : LD-CU3536-05 OPN: LRVC9A
Unit Price S$44.50
Part Number 99162500001
Item Name Led Driver Cl700A-240-C 700Ma 33W Dimming Led Driver
Unit Price S$60.00
Part Number CVWNW120008P010
Item Name 8W Power Supply • Input:100-240V AC 50/60Hz • Output: 8W • 0.67A
Unit Price S$22.25
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